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DIY Plywood Marquee Letters

Think that fun and custom home accents need to be pricey? If so, you're in for a shock. Take a look at this amazing marquee sign made by the talented Allison at Two Thirty-Five Designs. It's all made from humble plywood and simple string lights. With a few power tools and a free weekend, you could make a sign all your own. Read on to find out how.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon
- Plywood (2 sheets - thickness depends on if you are going to attach it to the wall or lean it)
- Outdoor string lights (1 strand per letter)
- Jigsaw
- Corner Sander
- Drill/Driver
- Screws (if you plan to attach to the wall)

I set up a projector and used a photo editing software to trace my letters, according to the size that I needed.

After tracing, I cut out each letter with my jigsaw, sanding any rough edges quickly with my hand sander.


I measured out the strand of lights on each letter, marking exactly where I wanted all the lights to be, making sure the cord was not pulled to tightly. Also, plan beforehand how you will make each plug attach to the next plug/letter.

Using my drill and drill bit, I drilled out a hole per light for every mark I made on each letter.

Carefully unscrew each bulb and run the base through the backside of the letter/each hole, and screw back in each bulb as you go.


Depending on if you mount your letter, lean or whatever your preference is, you can tuck and/or tape the extra cord behind the letters. I mounted mine with 2 1/2' anchor screws into a stud and tucked the excess cord behind the letters.

Thanks, Allison! Did you like this? Find even more great DIYs at Two Thirty-Five Designs.