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Radio: An Easy DIY Way to Seal Your Garage Door

Though garage doors do a pretty good job of keeping bad guys away from your car, they're not so good at keeping out the elements. That's especially true if the floor in your garage is uneven.

Listen to ON SEALING GARAGE DOORS or read the text below:

Try this: Open the garage door so that the bottom is about head high. Cut a length of 3/4' foam pipe insulation to fit the width of the door. Then position the insulation against the bottom of the door with the slit facing down.

Next, spread the slit in the insulation and use a screw gun or electric drill to attach the insulation to the bottom of the door. To keep the screws from tearing through the insulation, you'll probably want to add washers around the heads of the screws.

Pipe insulation doesn't exactly add to curb appeal. So if you don't want it poking out the bottom of the door so it's visible from the street, just drive your screws a little more toward the backside of the door than the front.

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