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Pink Play Kitchen

A play kitchen is a must-have for any house with kids, and this crafty blogger decided her home was no exception. With a budget-friendly goal in mind and a little digging around town, Bliss Ranch put together this charming pink play kitchen for less than $20.

A garage sale nightstand serves as the foundation for this fun project. Bliss started by removing the bottom drawer, turning it on its side, and reattaching it to the base with a hinge to designate the refrigerator door. A few pieces of scrap pine were added to separate the oven and the fridge, while the oven was built with a frame, two hinges, and a piece of old plexiglass. She built the back of the unit, as well as the shelves and window trim, from no more than luan scrap wood, and then painted everything in vintage shades for an adorable touch. She continued to add details like a scrap fabric window valance, a Dollar Store kitchen sink, and oven knobs she found for free. A little chalkboard paint on the side makes for the perfect spot for reminders and doodles, adding a classic finishing touch to this incredibly inexpensive kiddy classic.

For the full tutorial, and for more savvy ideas for your home, visit Bliss Ranch.